Products can be shipped anywhere within the Greek territory.
Shipments or receipts to us from our store are made daily, except Sundays and Argion.
-The Packages are usually shipped within 4-7 days later and sent through Acs locating. Shipping costs include handling and packing fees, and shipping costs. The Cash determined, while transport fees vary according to total weight of the shipment. We advise you to group your items in one seira.Gia your financial facility to group your orders, as well not be ordered separately grouped automatically by the same person, THEREFORE will separately pay the shipping costs for everyone equally .The Your package will sent at your own risk, but special care is taken to protect fragile objects.
-The Shipping cost amounts to € 5.00 for cities and astik'akentra designated as accessible from Partner Courier-Courier ACS (including 24% VAT). Voluntary insurance € 1,10.
- For the province, land and island destinations - inaccessible areas, the shipping costs are: 9.00 € for packages up to 2 kg, and € 1 for each additional kg (including VAT 24%).
- Expenses on delivery FREE
-For Areas outside the network service (in courier), identified as inaccessible (Villages) and shipping costs vary, you will be informed about the fact that your site is considered inaccessible and therefore a correction to the cost of transport after the Registration Confirmation order.
-if You do not agree with the cost of transport entitled to a reasonable period by the time reception of the information to request the correction or cancellation of the order under the condition that it does not perform the task. The passage of time this will be evidence of an agreement and acceptance by you of transport costs.
-H Execution of the request for the available products is within 24-48 hours and will be the delivery time should be added.
For products whose availability is "REQUEST" or "limited availability" and provided that these can be ordered from our side, the delivery time is set at approximately 7-14 business days (Monday to Friday).
Boxes are well sized and your product well protected.


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